You Probably Think You’re Going To Heaven. Even Though You Put Me Through Hell. You’re Preachy Like You’re Some Kind Of Reverend. I Wish You’d Turn The Light On Yourself.

Today is my sister, Hillary’s bridal shower. Obviously, I was not invited. It’s been an extremely hard day for me. So far, anyway. It’s currently 3:55 p.m. I don’t know what time it will be when I’m done with this post. But it does feel really shitty to not be invited to your own sister’s bridal shower. I know how much it hurts my Mom. And I do hate my sister for doing that to her. And it most certainly hurts me. And if my Dad were here I can’t even imagine what he would have planned for us today to take away all the pain that’s in my heart and my soul at this moment — to the extent that either of those exist.

So to the people who have been sending me hate mail, keep it coming. I absolutely love to read the messages where people tell me that I’m a horrible person, or that I suck, or that I don’t write enough, or that I’m not true to myself, when y’all don’t have the balls to actually keep a WordPress account that I can look at because y’all disable it as soon as you write the hate mail. Even though I receive it you’re gone. That’s a lot of work to hate me so much, stupid.

Anyway. Because you’re pussies that’s the end of that. So why don’t you woman the fuck up ??? because I definitely know this is coming from a woman unless it’s my sister’s fiance, Matt. Which I highly doubt.

But. I definitely want it to keep coming. Don’t hold back now. Keep telling me all of the ways that I’m a bad person. Because I can take it. I get off on it, actually.

I’m not going to stop writing just because you are a pussy. I’m not going to stop doing what I do because you don’t understand my life. And you know what? Fuck you. And, I cannot wait for the next piece of hate mail coming my way for whatever reasons you give yourself and tell yourself are worth hurting me in the basic most pathetic ways.

Like, do you seriously have nothing better to do with your time then to try to make me feel like garbage? BECAUSE I DON’T FEEL LIKE GARBAGE.

I feel like me.

I feel like myself. And there is absolutely nothing that you or anyone else in this world can say that will EVER change who I am — how I feel — or what I decide to do — based on what the fuck YOU pussies think.

I have always, always, said that what people say about me behind my back is none of my business. And I would love to keep it that way. But that’s for YOUR own sake. There’s a character in Mortal Kombat who I can play on “RELENTLESS” mode. You think I don’t?!

Because come at me bro. Come at me sis.

You don’t matter to me except to the extent that you give me the fuel to keep my book going. You’re helping me write my very own equivalent to Eminem’s “Recovery” album’s statement.

So yeah. Come at me, bro. You’re feeding me that fire to fuel it, bitch. I don’t give a fuck. That’s how it is. I don’t care. I’m not going to change.

What you do is pathetic.

So please do continue down the road where you’re obsessed with me, and thank you very much for taking such an interest in my very important life.

Especially compared to yours since you’re giving up your time to spend it on TRYING to hurt ME which you haven’t by the way. I could not care less about what you said or say or continue to come at me with, except to the point that I get to write a blog about what a pussy ass bitch you are for running.

You can say what you want to say and run. Or you can come at me AS YOU and say something productive. If you can’t confront me as the person that you are, then you’re pathetic piece of garbage who’s not worth my time.

However I’ve changed my mind a little bit about that last part in the recent months, due to the constant hate mail, because I want to publicly say I don’t give a shit please please waste more time on coming at me because you will never ever be as good at anything as I am at everything. No matter what you do — what your career is — how you look — how you feel — who you are as a person — I will always ALWAYS come out on top, and do you want to know why? I don’t care if the answer is no. The answer is yes you do want to know why. And that answer is because I’m better than you.

I am better than you.

But please keep it coming, you pussy ass bitches.

And as always, be good to each other. πŸ€πŸ˜ŽπŸŽΆβ™₯️✌🏿✌🏻✌🏾✌🏼✌🏽

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